Kevin Lieberman

name Business Development Consultant with over 15 years of experience assisting companies in a variety of sectors, including venture capital/investment firms, call centers, real estate, auto, apparel, durable medical supplies, industrial recycling, industrial fabrication, land development, credit management and commercial collections agencies. Areas of expertise include internet marketing, corporate strategic planning, business writing, risk assesment, sales, call center management, credit/collections and international business strategy.

Collection Agency Services - Powerful Debt Collection Tools for Business Owners

20th January 2011
Collection agency services are a powerful debt collection tool for business owners whose primary concern is their company’s financial well-being. As a business owner who is owed a debt for a service or product provided by their company to a customer i... Read >

Commercial Collection Agencies - What Can They do to Help Your Business Collect Debts?

06th July 2010
Commercial collection agencies can help empower your company, enabling you to focus on your core business, while bad debts are recovered on your behalf. Additionally, a commercial collection agency helps you to avoid unpleasant and costly confrontation... Read >